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Has it been a long time since you had a job interview? Do you often get down to the final stage only to lose out and never really understand why? Maybe you have recently gone for an internal promotion and had to interview for the first time in years? 

If this is you, or you just feel you need to brush up on your interview skills, then this coaching session is for you!

Job interviews are a huge part of everyone’s career journey. They can make many people very nervous. No one teaches us how to actually prepare for a job interview. This is where an interview coaching session can really help you.

It is definitely possible to prepare for a job interview. Being prepared also helps alleviate any pre-interview nerves.

How It Works

A 90 minute session that helps build your confidence, manage any nerves and fine tune your interviewing style.

We can base this session on either an upcoming job interview or previous interviews. We will review the job description or job advert, and identify the key areas your job interview will focus on.

This session covers –


What to do before the job interview. How to research and prepare


Different styles of interviews and how to manage them


Body language do’s and don’ts. How to manage your nerves.


Preparing for an online or telephone interview. This includes a MOCK INTERVIEW.


Answering general interview questions such as “Tell me about yourself?”


Practice how to successfully answer a behavioural based interview question, using the CARL technique


A checklist on behavioural based interview questions and how to answer them


What to do at the end of your interview


How to dissect the job advert to clarify what the interview will focus on


A checklist on commonly asked interview questions and how to answer them

What you will gain

The aim of the interview skills coaching session is to build your confidence. It will empower you with the skills and knowledge to ensure you are successful at job interviews and get the job offer.

Learn how to answer the question, “Tell me about yourself?” This is your “elevator pitch” on who you are. We will discuss how to also make your answer relevant to the job you are being interviewed for.

We will do a mock interview, including behavioural based interview questions and how to answer them. You will get immediate feedback, to help craft your answers to make you stand out at your interview.

You will learn the best way to answer the interview question to make the most impact. You will also learn how long your answers should be and how to prepare and structure them.

Once your session is complete I will email you two checklists:

Checklist 1 – Commonly asked interview questions and how to answer them.

Checklist 2 – Behavioural based interview questions and the framework used to effectively answer these.

You will walk away from this coaching session feeling confident and prepared for your next job interview. You will have tips and ideas to help you achieve success and get the job offer.

What my clients said   

  “Angela helped me get really well prepared for interview. She gave me material to structure my thoughts and experiences, and through one-on-one coaching, refined my answers and interview technique, giving me confidence for an upcoming ‘dream job’ interview.

Angela was kind, clear and intelligent throughout the process. I got the job!”

Garry Martin, Client Energy Manager 

“I was introduced to Angela after an unsuccessful interview for a position. Noting I had not been in the market or had done an interview as a candidate for 23 years. I spent 1.5 hours with Angela on Interview Coaching, I was amazed at how Angela managed to breakdown the basic techniques in the art of interview. 

A must for all new starters or seasoned professionals, who may have been out of the market for a while. Your resume might help get you the interview, but your interview technique will get you the job.”

Sanjit Roy, CFO 

“Thank you Angela for your recent assistance with my job search and interview preparation, culminating in my appointment to COO at Kain Lawyers. From your early assistance in updating my CV and LinkedIn profile, to your advice and guidance around interview preparation, your counsel is practical and highly relevant to the current employment market. I was especially grateful for your online interview guidance and for the care and interest you showed in me throughout the process.

I would strongly recommend your services to anyone who wants to increase their chances of securing a role. As a result of the time Angela and I spent together, I went into the job search process feeling more confident, better prepared and knowing I was giving myself the best opportunity.

Alison De Kleuver, COO

Interview Coaching

90 minute appointment

Online via Zoom


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